Couple’s Counseling

“People start to heal the moment they feel heard.” -Cheryl Richardson

Have you ever looked at your spouse and thought, “Who are we and how did we get here?” You used to have a foundation of love, fun, and friendship. We can help you get back to those warm fuzzy feelings back and get you and your partner feeling connected, heard, and loved. Bonus: the success rate for couples counseling is between 50%-70%.

What we treat:
-Affairs/Betrayal Trauma
-Communication Issues
-Conflict Management
-Lack of Intimacy
-In-law or family of origin issues
-Lack of Trust
-Life transitions (empty nesting, retirement, moving, etc.)
-Separation/Possible Divorce
-General feelings of falling out of love
-And more

Couples Counseling For One
Does your partner not want to come to couples counseling? Maybe they don’t see the point while you’re desperately trying to salvage your relationship. We can help. Through couples counseling for one, we can help you work on conflict management, communication, attachment, and more. While couples counseling is most beneficial when both partners attend, learning more about your relationship and your role in it can be a powerful agent for change. There is still hope.

Couples Check Ups
You see a doctor for a physical checkup, and a dentist for a dental checkup, why not get a checkup for your relationship? A couple’s checkup involves several assessments that evaluate each partner individually and as part of the pair to identify strengths and areas of improvement over two sessions. You’ll learn valuable information about how you communicate, work through conflict, and perceive your relationship’s highs and lows. At the end, you’ll learn your levels of marital distress, risk for divorce, strengths, areas to work on, and receive referrals, if needed.
A couple’s checkup is $250 for both the assessment and results sessions.

Premarital Counseling
Did you know the state of Utah offers a $20 rebate on marriage licenses if you attend premarital counseling? But do you really need premarital counseling? Consider this: couples who attend premarital counselling have a 30% higher rate of marital success. With the divorce rate hovering around 50%, you can learn invaluable skills in premarital counseling such as conflict management, communication, boundaries, attachment, and more. When they honeymoon is over and life settles in, you’ll know how to handle whatever comes your way and with your partner by side.

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