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“Change is scary and it can be hard to reach out for support. Our therapists treat each client with empathy and respect to foster a safe environment. Sometimes all it takes is a listening ear, a fresh perspective, or new skills to bring about lifelong positive change.” 


Stefanie Prosence


When you’ve hit your limit, you can begin to feel desperate and deserted. Maybe you feel that change is necessary but unobtainable. Imagine finally feeling stability and confidence in place of your fear or discouragement. Education and experience have prepared Stefanie to work not only competently but comfortably with teens and couples. Stefanie partners with teens and their parents to support trust as well as establish healthy coping skills to strengthen self-love. Further, Stefanie connects with individuals and couples to promote honesty and vulnerability to heal what has been hurt.

Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.” -Brene Brown

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Kenzie Anderson


Have you felt overwhelmed, stuck, or like no matter what you do, nothing seems to get better? Life can feel very overwhelming and hard to manage. It can feel as if no matter what you do, nothing is going right. Imagine waking up one day and feeling like you’re able to handle it all, that you have hope, and are optimistic about the future. It can seem impossible, but with guidance and hard work, a counselor can help you and/or your family get there.

Mckenzie is experienced working with children, teens, adults, families, and couples with a wide variety of issues. Using her education and experience, Mckenzie can help you through life’s challenges. She uses CBT, DBT, play therapy, TF-CBT, and EMDR to help clients process their trauma, learn coping skills, and find the tools necessary to deal with whatever life throws at them. If you’re ready to find peace and hope, reach out today.

We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.” -Brene Brown

Brittany Allred


Do you ever feel that the harsh criticisms you tell yourself and hear from the world around you are discouraging? That no matter what you do it isn’t enough? You might find yourself surrounded by the negativity and feeling down or lost. Let’s find your path, your strengths, the peace you crave, and bring new meaning and purpose to your life. Everyone is capable of overcoming that voice in their head to build the life they want.

Brittany believes that therapy should be a place of refuge, where you can experience growth and healing. She loves connecting and working with children, teens, adults, families, and couples as they take on all of life’s challenges. Brittany enjoys helping clients realize their strengths and potential, while creating a space of compassion and understanding.

We can choose to be perfect and admired or to be real and loved.” -Glennon Doyle

Kerri Deshler


Do you feel lost in life? Like you need direction, knowledge, or compassion to get you back on track? Do you feel like your relationships aren’t where you want them to be and you don’t know what else to try? Therapy is work but changes that we want to make in our life come from small, focused efforts every day. You can do this.

Kerri believes it’s an honor to be a part of the change process in people’s lives. She has worked with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and general life stressors with couples, teens and adults to empower them to lead a fulfilling life in whatever areas they desire to see change. She believes that there is always hope and possibilities for the future and that the right therapist can guide your journey!

Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” -Mother Teresa

Brittany Reynolds


Is your child or teen having behavior problems at school or at home? Are they experiencing bullying or social distress? Is your child or teen struggling with eating, sleeping, or dealing with big life changes? Whatever your child is going through, therapy can help. By creating a safe and playful environment, I will help your child learn how to creatively solve problems on their own, cope with challenging situations, manage their emotions, effectively communicate with adults and peers, as well as increase self esteem and self confidence. Despite the challenges your family and children are facing, finding peace, joy and confidence is possible.

Brittany has a unique ability to connect with her clients and uses a compassionate and empathetic environment to help clients feel safe and secure. She believes that everyone is capable of change, and that growth happens through realizing your own strength and potential, exploring your emotions, and building positive relationships. She enjoys working with all types of clients, but specializes in therapy with children and adolescents.

Adrian Jones


Do you ever feel like you’re stuck? Like you’re trying to make changes but the problem just never seems to get better? Do you want to become the best version of yourself or for your child to reach their maximum potential? Change is hard because it forces us to step out of our comfort zone but the good news is that change doesn’t have to be scary. Becoming your best version of yourself is possible.

Adrian feels that adapting to and facilitating change is the best part of being a therapist. He enjoys working with children, couples, and families.

True life is lived when tiny changes occur.” -Leo Tolstoy

Shay Martin


You might be here because you’re tired and you feel powerless. Your circumstances seem out of your control; maybe a partner has made choices that hurt you, a family member was diagnosed with an illness, a child is exercising their new found agency. Whatever that circumstance is for you, you may experience helplessness, anxiety, fear, sadness, overwhelm, and other feelings that are causing you distress. I get it and I’m here to help.

Shay works with couples, adults, teens, and families to navigate the deep and scary learning, in a safe environment of acceptance and understanding. She has a particular passion for working with infidelity/betrayal, women’s mental health, medical trauma, and life transitions. She believes that, in therapy, feelings may be raw, but finding that place inside you that can handle them will feel refreshing. You will be taught the skills to navigate the hard in life, because it’s reality that you can’t have a therapist with you at all times. Shay will work alongside you to create a new path in your life, your circumstances, and yourself that empowers you.

At any given moment you have the power to say this is NOT how the story is going to end.” -Christine Mason Miller

Greg Rodgers


Do you ever feel lost or directionless in life? Or perhaps so overwhelmed with emotions or thoughts that you are unsure of how to move forward? Maybe you have tried on your own to manage issues with little success? At times life can be very difficult to manage. There is hope. You can achieve a meaningful, purposeful, fulfilling life. Through therapy we can provide you a safe environment to work through what holds you back from moving forward in your life, help you determine a direction to go, and accomplish goals that move you toward that meaningful, purposeful, fulfilling life.

Greg is experienced in working with teens, young adults, and parents with a wide variety of issues. He uses a combination of several different approaches including ACT, SFT, Person-centered, narrative, and is trauma informed in all his work. He believes that by managing unhelpful thoughts and feelings, people can focus on living the life they want. If you are interested in working to improve your mental health and moving forward, please reach out today.

People don’t change their behavior when other people yell at them, shame them, or send them away to be alone. People change their behavior when they feel heard, understood, and loved. Growth and change require connection and compassion.” -Katie Hurley


Sarah Stroup


Have you ever looked at your life and thought, “How did I get here?” Sometimes life feels hard, overwhelming, and chaotic. Maybe you just don’t where to start or you feel lost. Maybe you’re embarrassed that you can’t handle things on your own or like you don’t know who to ask for help. Perhaps you’re going through a rough patch or you’re looking to improve your relationships with friends, family, or partner. Or, maybe your child is struggling with anger, sadness, or anxiety. Imagine a life where you feel capable at handling whatever comes your way. You have everything you need to weather life’s storms. Imagine a more peaceful existence with your partner, children, family, friends, or coworkers.

Sarah has dedicated her career to helping humans across the lifespan achieve the best version of themselves. She has a passion for working with kids/teens who need a safe place to process big feelings and learn to cope with them, couples who are looking to reconnect and reignite their relationship, trauma-including betrayal, attachment, and reproductive, and moms who need space to take care of their own mental health needs. She utilizes empirically supported modalities such as EMDR, experiential, and CBT. If you’re ready to discover the peace amongst the chaos, reach out today.

“You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.”

Jeremy Conetah


Do you ever feel like sometimes life just keeps coming at you? Like you are trying to move forward but your wheels keep spinning in place? Do you feel like you and your family have the potential to be something great both as a unit and as individuals but you just can’t get things to click? Sometimes we just need an outside perspective to remind us that we are human, but we are capable of amazing things.

Jeremy believes that therapy should be a place of safety, trust, and healing where individuals have the opportunity to find their happiest version of themselves. He enjoys working with youth, adolescents, couples and entire family units who are trying to make sense of the things happening in their world. Exploring all aspects of a client’s life to help them understand who they are and where they come from regarding their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. He enjoys helping clients create and smash goals that help them feel secure and happy in their lives and relationships with loved one’s others around them.

“You listen to people that love you and you listen to people that you trust. Most of all, you listen to yourself.” -Coach Eric Taylor

Hannah Farnworth


Are you struggling to find your authentic self? Or maybe, are you struggling to find the courage to live your best authentic life? Is it difficult to connect with family and friends and form healthy relationships? Maybe it’s your child that’s struggling with these things. Life can be overwhelming and it can be difficult to know how to navigate the emotions that arise during challenges. It’s possible to find the strength to keep going and live a life you love. Let’s work together to reach that point!

Hannah uses compassion, empathy and respect to build relationships with clients and walk alongside them. She strives to create a safe space for people to express their thoughts and get their needs met. She loves working with children, teenagers, and adults in a variety of settings. She also enjoys working with couples and family units of all ages and from all walks of life.

Be so completely yourself that everyone else feels safe to be themselves too.” -Unknown

Haley Todd


Do you feel disconnected? From your child? Your spouse? Your family? Your life? Yourself? We as individuals and a society often lack connection in our lives and even more so in our relationships. Finding personal connections can help to increase your happiness and success while developing positive habits in your life and with your family. Haley believes that fostering these connections leads to healing.

Haley has excellent education and experience working with children and families. She strives to assist families with their relationships as a whole as well as through individualized growth through a variety of interventions in order to help bring hope and excitement into their lives. Haley encourages relationships between children and their families to be FUN allowing for greater strength, bonding and lasting change.

Gretchen Skelly


People seek counseling services for a lot of reasons. Maybe you’ve decided that you are ready to make a change and want a professional to help you navigate that. Perhaps you have too much on your plate and you don’t know where to start. You may need space to create more joy and fulfillment. If you are the one who has made the decision to have someone on your team helping you with the next step, you have come to the right place. You can create a life you want to live!

Gretchen has many years of experience working with teenagers and adults, including couples. She can see and hear you and create a safe place for you to explore the areas of your life you want to grow. She utilizes a variety of empirically supported interventions, including EMDR, DBT, CBT and experiential depending on the needs of her patients. Her passion and goal is to assist you on your path to growth and healing.

Chelise Draper


Do you ever feel like something is missing? Like you’ve lost yourself and don’t know how to find your way back? Like you are trying to find that spark in yourself, your relationships, or your journey again? Life is full of uncertainties, hardships, battles, and so many emotions! At times, it can feel impossible to keep fighting, to keep pushing forward. Having someone to talk to, to share in this walk of life can feel so empowering. I’m here to help take some of the weight off your shoulders and create a safe space for you so you can get back to feeling empowered in your life.

Chelise works with children, teens, individuals, and couples, providing that safe space to work on managing and understanding emotions, behaviors, relationships, and trauma.

Cynphony Mackay


Have you ever had the thought, “Maybe there is just something wrong with me” or, “Why can’t I just change my life”? You’re not alone in wondering these things. When life gets hard, when our relationships crumble, when we feel hopelessness and despair, it can be easy to feel like it’s you that’s doing something wrong. What if you didn’t have to feel this way? What if you could confidently handle your life, relationships, and emotions to achieve the change and life you’ve always imagined? We can get you there through exploring your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; by getting curious about where you are in life and what you need from your relationships. My goal is for you to feel empowered and to start taking ownership of your existence for a freer and more fulfilling life.

Cynphony works harmoniously alongside kids, teens, adults, couples, and families who are looking to create the life they desire. She has a passion for collaborating with her clients to help them achieve their goals whether that’s with parenting, relationships, school problems, and more.

Blake Patterson


Have you ever thought, “Life feels crazy!” or “Life feels mundane and boring.”? Do you feel stuck and like you’re just going through the motions? Do these thoughts and emotions make you feel isolated from others or that you do not recognize yourself? Maybe these thoughts and feelings come from a place of struggle or conflict with friends, family, or a partner. Perhaps this struggle or conflict is a season of change. Despite these difficult times, you are resilient and capable of creating happiness and growth. It takes some guidance and new perspectives but, you are capable of creating your own meaningful life in this human experience.

Blake is open and passionate about working with teens, adults, couples, and families from all walks of life. He strives to facilitate an empathetic, warm, and open environment with all his clients. He works from trauma-informed modalities such as narrative and experiential. Through collaboration and transparent communication, he works to help his clients establish goals and highlight strengths.

All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning. Great works are often born on a street corner or in a restaurant’s revolving door. So it is with absurdity.” -Albert Camus

Maddy Hobbs


Are you looking for peace? Does your life feel out of control? Do those difficult things that happened to you seem to never go away? Therapy can be a space to help you pick up the pieces. It can be the support that you need to get you through the day-to-day difficulties. You can find hope for your relationships. You can have a better life than what it is now. In therapy, you can start taking back control and we can work together to get you where you want your life to be.

Maddy enjoys working with children, teens, and adults who want a better life. Maddy is dedicated to working with individuals who have experiences such as trauma, anxiety, OCD, and relationship difficulties. Her therapeutic approaches include EMDR, CBT, SFBT, and other Experiential approaches. Maddy likes to spend time practicing yoga and desires to share trauma-informed yoga with her clients. Maddy’s personal mantra is “progress, not perfection” and her goal is to help you find your progress.

I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.” -Carl Jung

Lex Mullis


Are you feeling hopeless, aimless, and frustrated with where your life is headed? Have you been stuck in repeated patterns and looking to disrupt them? Maybe you’ve felt unlovable, unseen, or invalidated and are ready to take back your power and find your purpose! Or maybe you are parenting a child or teen who is struggling to see their strength and utilize their unique talents. Whatever brought you here, you are seen and deserve to find healing and experience the inner peace that comes with it.

Lex believes that you have all the tools within to help you thrive and create a meaningful life and she loves to help her clients discover what those are. She uses a warm, open, and fun therapeutic approach and focuses on meeting the client where they are at. She enjoys working with children, teens, and adults.

I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.” -Amy March, Little Women

Madison Dean


Have you been spinning your wheels, thinking, “Why is this happening?” Life has the uncanny ability to throw curveballs in the plans we have for ourselves. Sometimes marriages hit a rough patch, our children start feeling anxious or depressed, we don’t recognize ourselves or our life, and it can be difficult to know who to turn to for help. You have the power to take control of your life and make the changes you want in your life. You can get through whatever challenges that have come your way. You can get there and you don’t have to do it alone.

Madison believes that every person has the ability to create the life they envision for themselves and if they can be brave enough to reach out for help, they don’t have to do it alone. She works with children, teens, individuals, couples, and families. She has a passion for making every person feel like they have a hope and a future full of possibility.

Amber Garn


Are you searching for hope and meaning in your life? Are there times when life feels challenging and overwhelming? Do you want to improve your relationships but don’t know where to start? Therapy is a safe place to talk about the things we struggle with. I am here to help you solve your problems, navigate changes, and show you it is possible to lead a meaningful life.

Amber believes that every individual has what it takes to persevere through the storms of life. Making life changes can be uncomfortable and cause uncertainty but this is where growth happens. She is good at creating a safe environment where tender emotions and feelings can be expressed and healed. She is committed to helping individuals discover their strengths and improve relationships with themselves and others. She believes that hope is an essential part of healing hearts and finding purpose. She works with couples, teens, and adults.

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” – Desmond Tutu

Kristin McGuire


Do you feel like your life has become too messy, stressful, or difficult to manage alone? Like a ship caught in a storm, we all need a guiding light to help us navigate out of the wind and waves back to a safe harbor. You might be experiencing anxiety, burnout, grief, or sadness. Maybe you are struggling in your relationships with your partner or children. Perhaps you are trying to help your partner or children with their own experiences of anxiety, trauma, or depression. Whatever your struggles may be, there is hope. With help, you will be able to navigate these difficult times. You are not alone.

Kristin has spent her career seeking to help people through the difficulties of life. Her passion is working with individuals, children, teens, couples, and families through the challenges of life. She implements research-based therapeutic models to promote positive systemic changes. Peace and guidance can be found amidst the storm.

“It is often the small steps, not the giant leaps, that bring about the most lasting change.”– Desmond Tutu

Tekla McCabe


Do you sometimes feel like life presents you with challenges that seem insurmountable, casting a shadow over even the brightest moments? If you’re reading this, you might be on a quest for relief, understanding, and empowerment. Navigating the intricate web of depression, anxiety, and trauma can be an overwhelming experience and it’s essential to remember that seeking help is not only a courageous step, but also a transformative one. You’ve shown tremendous strength by considering therapy, and I would be honored to be part of your journey.

Tekla’s therapeutic approach draws from a rich tapestry of evidence-based modalities, with a primary focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). She is open and passionate about working with kids, teens, young adults, and adults from any background. Particularly, Tekla enjoys walking with clients through transition periods as well as social relationships. In her free time she enjoys woodworking, reading, lifting heavy weights, and talking to her grandfather and mother who are out of state.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”– Brene Brown


James Montgomery


It would seem that the only thing guaranteed in life is change. Change can come in the form of major life adjustments such as employment, loss, deployments, school, moves, and a variety of other things that can turn our world upside down. Change, regardless of positive or negative can cause a mixture of stressful emotions. It doesn’t discriminate from person to person. It can leave you feeling lost, hopeless, confused, and even angry. What is important to remember is that you are not alone, and there is support to help you navigate through life’s curve-balls.

James utilizes his education, personal and professional experience to help teenagers and adults traverse through the obstacles in life in order to regain balance and control over those things within their own reach. James utilizes CBT, ACT, Solution-Focused Therapy, and Person-Centered Therapy to help Clients learn the effective coping skills and tools necessary to achieve their desired results. James believes that every person deserves the opportunity to be the best version of themselves possible.

Kira Knobel


Do you want to live a fulfilling and happy life? Are you wanting to feel like life’s struggles are easier to manage or that they’re productive in some way? As people work through problems, struggles and situations, they uncover a part of themselves that leads to empowerment and self discovery. Sometimes insights and experiences from others help us create change in ourselves and while the journey is individual, you don’t have to do it alone. No matter your abilities or life situation, I’ll work to help you or your child understand the story of life and provide a safe place for growth and healing to take place.

Kira’s own journey of understanding her story and behaviors led her to a career change in mental health counseling. The support and learning she experienced showed her that change and healing are possible. As a counselor, she strives to be that support to help others through their journey. As a former special education teacher of 12 years, she has a passion for helping kids and parents reach their fullest potential. She utilizes modalities such as person-centered, CBT, Lifespan Integration, and family systems.

There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on your own thinking. ~ Brian Tracy

Amy McGarry


Do you sometimes feel like nothing feels right and everything you try either makes it worse or doesn’t help? Feeling lost and misunderstood can be so isolating and lonely and can lead to hopelessness. But these overwhelming feelings do not need to define your life. Whether it’s improving interpersonal relationships, finding self-love or gaining confidence to overcome fear, you can transform your life and find happiness. Working together, we can help you to overcome self-defeating thoughts and behaviors, how to communicate effectively and get you feeling empowered and in control of your life.

Amy believes that you are the most qualified expert when it comes to your life and what you need. Her highest priority is creating a trusting, caring environment where therapy is a collaborative effort. She uses a variety of therapeutic interventions but leans heavily towards CBT, emotionally focused and person-centered techniques. She enjoys working with individuals, couples, teens and children.

When things change inside you, things change around you. ~ Unknown

Kaylee Rudd


Do you feel stuck, discouraged, or lost in your relationship with your significant other, with your child, or with yourself? Is your child struggling and acting like a different kid? Perhaps you don’t know what else to try. You are not alone. Navigating life’s challenges can feel isolating and overwhelming. You are worthy of love, support, and creating a life you love.

Kaylee has experience working with families, couples, adults, teens, and children. She firmly believes clients are the experts in their own lives. As a therapist she provides a safe space for all people regardless of age, ability, background, orientation, race, culture, or religion. She strives to help families, couples, and individuals navigate and strengthen their relationships with their loved ones and with themselves.

Eliza Betteridge


Are you wanting to get curious about yourself and your life? Maybe you’ve noticed unhealthy patterns, unhelpful thoughts, or you’re just not where you want to be as a person, partner, or parent. With openness to the possibilities of growth, therapy can provide the safe space for exploring who you are, what you’ve been through, and where you want to go. Whether you are beginning a journey of self-exploration or continuing to build on your progress, we can meet you where you are to support whatever life journey you are adventuring on. Understanding your identity, your relationships to others, and your goals in life are big questions for all ages, and I am here to work beside you as you, your family, or your child navigate these issues.

Eliza is passionate about helping others make sense of things that seem complicated and complex, aiming to bring understanding and empowerment for positive choices. She tailors this ability to communicate ideas to any age and development level as she works across the board with adults, adolescents, and children. Eliza approaches therapeutic relationships with a person-centered foundation and believes this is the basis of respect for each person’s individual experience and values. Eliza utilizes methods focusing on trauma, attachment, emotions, and techniques from CBT, DBT, experiential, play therapy and more to create a personalized therapeutic experience.

Jennifer Schlader


Do you feel stuck with life or with your relationships? Maybe it’s your child who is struggling and just not themselves. Are you spinning your wheels trying to figure out what to do only to be met with platitudes and non-solutions? There’s no shame in realizing you need help if life has become overwhelming. Allow me to hold space with you as we navigate how to make life feel meaningful and manageable again. If you’re at a place of wanting to do the work, I’m here to support you. I believe the therapeutic relationship is the foundation for the authenticity and vulnerability needed to dig deep. My goal is to create a safe and healing environment to foster that change. I approach therapy from a person centered, humanistic approach emphasizing warmth, validation, compassion, connection, and genuineness. I also view problems through a social lens that examines systemic forces such as racism, sexism and discrimination. I’m comfortable working with people from an array of diverse backgrounds and life experiences.

Jen has experience with a variety of conditions including anxiety, mood disorders, trauma, perfectionism, infertility, shame/guilt, grief/loss, parenting, infidelity, blended families, dealing with high conflict individuals, divorce, and substance use disorder. She believes the therapeutic relationship is the foundation for the authenticity and vulnerability needed to dig deep and strives to create a safe and healing environment to foster that change. She approaches therapy from a person centered, humanistic approach emphasizing warmth, validation, compassion, connection, and genuineness. She also view problems through a social lens that examines systemic forces such as racism, sexism and discrimination that allows her to be comfortable working with people from an array of diverse backgrounds and life experiences. Whether working with adults, couples, or children her goal will be to help one manifest the best version of themselves. She has experience with CBT, DBT, ACT, EMDR, movement therapy, mindfulness, Gottman informed methods, early attachment/abandonment, MI, play therapy and sand tray therapy.

Please take a small step today for a more hopeful tomorrow. You’re not alone and deserve to improve your situation.

Summer Vazquez


If you’re reading this, you’re probably in a place where what you’re doing isn’t working and you need some help. You may be in search of reprieve from uncomfortable thoughts, feelings or behaviors. You may need to talk about your grief or trauma, or just gain more insight into life. You may be dealing with relationships that are difficult to deal with and are weighing on you. There are many reasons to seek out support and they are all welcome. Sometimes we just need time to talk to an impartial ear and some compassion to change our patterns, learn new skills, and work towards our goals. It is very empowering to have someone on our side to help steer us to find the answers from within.

Our day-to-day lives don’t leave much room for introspection and evaluation of our past and our trajectory. The daily pressures can build and build until they’re too much. It is inevitable in life for our old coping mechanisms and patterns to get in our way and no longer be useful. It is extremely frustrating to realize that our current methods aren’t helping our situation but it is also liberating. From that moment of pain and frustration we can gain empowerment, growth and change.

Summer (she/her) is an intern pursuing a Master of Social Work through the University of Western Florida. She’s spent the past three years working as a medical assistant in community
mental health. Her background is in EMS and has special interest in working with first responders. Additional areas of interest include anxiety, depression, trauma, identity development, transitions and adjustments, sleep problems, grief, and family communication. Summer would be honored to empathetically listen and help guide you through your current experience. She looks forward to being a comfortable and supportive place for you in your journey.

Caroline Patterson


There are various things in our lives that call us to make a change. Maybe we feel a longing for connection, we have lost something or someone important to us, we do not like the way we’ve been feeling lately, or maybe we are wanting to make a considerable difference in our life. When you’re traveling the road to change, it’s not meant to be a road driven alone. That’s where I come in. I will sit in the front seat with you, guiding you where you need while riding with you, and give you the tools to repair the car if it breaks down. The path towards growth and change is right in front of us, but we must first turn on the headlights.

Caroline is experienced in working with children, teens, young adults, adults, and couples who are finding their way through change in a variety of issues. Through a compassionate and collaborative stance, Caroline has walked alongside clients experiencing anxiety, OCD, trauma/PTSD, phase of life issues, and relationship troubles. She is passionate about assisting clients in exploring how their views, perspectives, beliefs, and life experiences pave their way to change through using play therapy, IFS, Narrative, Bowenian, and Solution Focus modalities. Using an empathetic lens, she empathizes client’s goals and strengths in the therapy room.

“We don’t have to do it all alone. We were never meant to.” -Brene Brown

Maegen Rindlisbacher


Life can be hard. There are times where you might feel joyous, hopeful, and excited. Other times you might feel scared, anxious and alone. In our most vulnerable and isolated moments, finding help can be one of the most difficult and daunting parts. It takes courage to admit that there may be a better way. A way that helps us find joy and hope, even in the moments where we feel lost and scared.

Maegen has experience working with children, teens, adults, families, and couples. As a person-centered therapist, she firmly believes that feeling connected to ourselves and the world around us is healing and rejuvenating for the soul. Clients who see Maegen can expect to find a caring and empathetic individual who will help you learn how to feel more connected with yourself and your emotions, but also will help you learn tangible skills and coping mechanisms that will help you feel more prepared and confident in dealing with those difficult moments in your life.

“Don’t ever lose hope. Even when life seems bleak and hopeless, know that you are not alone.” -Nancy Reagan

Liz Jarrard


Are you feeling lost and directionless in life? Do you feel like the emotional weight from day-to-day life is holding you back from happiness and fulfillment? You deserve to have this burden lifted and to find freedom from whatever is holding you back. Let’s work together to achieve your goals and help you live your best life.

Liz is passionate about walking beside people who are on a journey to heal. She believes in being present with those who are moving through distressing stages of life and difficult mental health symptoms using a compassionate approach to client-centered counseling. Her talent is getting to the heart of the matter—centered around your needs and goals. Liz aims to offer competent care for those who want to find ways to heal and grow as individuals and help them deepen satisfaction in their relationships. As the Oracle of Delphi said, “Know Thyself.” Her goal is to assist people in coming to know themselves—where they are developing new found levels of self-awareness and applying skills for personal growth.

Kyandra Chandler


Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed? Maybe your brain is working overtime trying to find the solutions you need to feel empowered and back in charge. Whether you feel like you need an extra boost to get through the tough times or you want something more to enhance the quality of your relationships – either with yourself, spouse, child, friends, or family, therapy can be the answer you’re looking for. Whatever the reason, we can work together to help create positive change in your life.

Kyandra works with kids, teenagers, and families in creating a safe holding environment while striving towards individual and family goals. Kyandra believes that therapy should be a combination of work and fun to help all learn to live and appreciate life to its fullest.

Se habla Espanol


LeeAnne Davies


There’s just no sugar-coating it, life can be really hard sometimes. Do you ever feel frustrated with the direction your life is currently headed? Do you sometimes feel stuck or lost? What about completely hopeless, anxious, or overwhelmed? These feelings do not need to control your life. You deserve to feel confident, self-assured, and unburdened by hopelessness or overwhelm. Visualize your daily life without the weight of these unnecessary burdens and moving forward with self-assurance, optimism and determination.

LeeAnne has spent years working with teens and adults who have faced similar struggles in their own lives. She firmly believes that people start healing the moment they feel heard and as Helen Keller once said, “Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it.” If you are ready to start your journey towards self-discovery and empowerment, please reach out today.

Dawn Talbot


Asking for help is one of the hardest things we have to do as humans. When we are at what feels like our lowest point, it feels even harder. Sometimes life can feel overwhelming with expectations that are put on us by others and ourselves. It can be confusing, painful, and lonely. No matter what challenges you may be facing in your life right now, you don’t have to face them alone. Imagine what your life would look like if you regained your sense of self, and had the strength to face and overcome these challenges. Together, we can work to find the clarity and balance that you are seeking.

Dawn works with children, teens, couples, and families, helping them to reclaim their lives through the difficult times they are facing.

Life is not what it’s supposed to be. It’s what it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference.” -Virgina Satir

Reach out today to get the support you need to make the positive lasting change you want and deserve.

Cassidy Lee


Do you ever feel like nobody understands you? Or that the people you should feel closest to are the ones that hurt you the most? You might find yourself barely getting through each day, wondering who to trust, or feeling discouraged at the state of your life or your relationships. Let’s dive into those emotions and begin to understand the disconnections you are experiencing. Change is possible, becoming the person you want to be is possible, and having the relationship you want is possible. There is hope for the future!

Cassidy believes that therapy should be a safe environment, where individuals can begin to recognize and uncover hidden emotions and beliefs about themselves and others. She loves creating a warm and secure space for teenagers, young single adults, premarital couples, newlyweds, and seasoned couples who are experiencing fear or disconnection in their lives and relationships. Cassidy enjoys helping clients create and set goals for their future through finding ways to feel secure and happy in themselves and their relationships.

People don’t change their behavior when other people yell at them, shame them, or send them away to be alone. People change their behavior when they feel heard, understood, and loved. Growth and change require connection and compassion.” -Katie Hurley


Lexi Anderson


Lexi Anderson offers administrative support to both clients and clinicians. She is passionate about helping empower people to live as vibrantly and happily as possible. Lexi recently graduated from Utah State University with her bachelor’s in Social Work and a double minor in Sociology and Criminal Justice. Her experience lies primarily in working with people who struggle with addiction, and she hopes to eventually make her way back to working with that population again in the future – only next time with her Masters in Social Work.  .

Katie Seely


Katie Seely is invested in helping people get quality mental health care because she has seen the benefits in her own life and marriage. She is hungry for information and tools to make this whole “adulting” thing much easier, and even enjoyable. When she is not calling insurance companies to make sure your claims get paid, she can be found deep in a self-improvement book, building lego and wrestling with her three wild boys, or out on a long run to clear her head. Or maybe she is just hiding in the car in the garage and eating all of the candy in her secret stash.

Becky Runolfson


Becky believes the pathway to wholeness and living your best life is one of the most amazing journeys a person can take and no matter where you are in that journey, you can count on her to be your biggest fan. She has a true passion for helping others and finds joy in watching clients make those small, simple, changes every day to embrace wellness and live happier, healthier lives- Mind, Body, and Spirit.

When not working, Becky loves spending time with family and friends. She’s always on the hunt for a good adventure and loves to explore new places; especially via road trip. Becky is also a serial avid home renovator and is always working on an amazing project of some sort or scrolling Pinterest for the next one.

Tylor Pilcher


Tylor Pilcher is the Client Coordinator for both the Lehi and Herriman offices. He strives to provide a friendly and streamlined service for both clients and staff. Tylor believes therapy is the first step in the process of discovering inner peace, self-growth, and healing. Through therapy, one discovers that the tools and skills needed for a more fulfilling life are already within your possession. Passionate about the arts and highly involved in the LGBTQ community, he loves working to help those who want to help better themselves.

Britton Williams


Britton offers support for both our English and Spanish-speaking clients out of our South Jordan office. He is currently working towards his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Business Management at Utah Valley University. He hopes to become involved in the world of therapy and counseling, but most importantly helping others find happiness, fulfillment, and peace in their everyday lives.

Outside of the office you might find him playing basketball, going on a hike, or catching up on homework. He believes that with every moment, we are presented with opportunity and with every opportunity comes growth and most importantly, change. Britton is a firm believer that the future has so much in store, and that there is hope in moving forward. He knows that although it is easy to lose sight and lose focus with so much constant noise and distraction in our lives, that we can truly find ourselves as we look outside ourselves. 

Damon Blake


Damon graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and is working towards getting a masters degree in Clinical Mental Health. He is passionate about helping people find healing, happiness, and purpose in their lives and works hard to practice these things in work and personal life. His goal today is to help clients find the right therapist and so they can start their journey to a fulfilling life.