Foundations of play therapy: a historical and practical overview





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apt approved provider 20-605
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Workshop Overview:
This workshop is a foundational beginning for those new to play therapy or beginning to explore the application of play therapy. It’s a also a great refresher for those who are more seasoned in the field or are looking to expand their theoretical knowledge.

This course will go towards the history and theory requirements of the new RPT credential. We will begin by exploring the history and development of play therapy. Then, we will dive into seminal and historical theories such as child-centered play
therapy, filial therapy, Jungian, Gestalt, and more. With each theory, we will identify the basic tenets, how it applies to the therapeutic powers of play, the basic application of the theory, and example interventions. We will also explore how they conceptualize psychopathology, therapy goals, and progress.

Workshop Objectives:
After the workshop, participants will be able to:
-Rehearse the history and development of play therapy
-Identify the 4 therapeutic powers of play and how each theory covered conceptualizes them
-Identify the basic tenets of the seminal theories of play (Adlerian, child-centered, cognitive-behavioral,developmental, ecosystemic, filial, gestalt, Jungian, object relations, and Theraplay)
-Identify how each seminal theory conceptualizes psychopathology/client dysfunction
-Identify how each seminal theory conceptualizes treatment goals and progress
-Verbalize how to apply each seminal theory and identify 1-3 interventions for each theory
-Know where to get additional information and/or training on each theory
-Demonstrate basic intervention use for each seminal theory

APT Approved Provider: 20-605
Number of continuing education credits: 6

Cancellation Policy:
Registration cancellations must be submitted in writing. The registration fees, minus a $75 administrative charge, will be refunded if the request is made 30 days prior to the conference, workshop, or training. Registration refunds will not be made within 30 days prior to the conference, workshop, or training. No refunds will be given to parties who register but do not attend. Registrations may be transferred to another person without penalty only if the original registrant notifies the training coordinator in writing. We reserve the right to cancel any conference, training, or workshop in the vent of unforeseen circumstances. If such occurs, we will attempt to notify registrants at least 10 calendar days prior to the conference and refund all registration, workshop, continuing education fees.

This training is meant to be an overview on play therapy theory and the history/development of play therapy. Attendees may need further training, information, or certification to competently apply these theories. Play therapy credit may not be awarded to non-mental health professionals.

You will be required to be logged in with your camera on for the duration of the training. You will also need to take a course evaluation and post test (with a passing score of 75%) to earn your ce certificate.

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Day One Schedule
Date: Check Course Dates (above)
Time: 9-12pm (MT)
Location: Zoom (Online)

Virtual Registration/Check-In: 8:45-9
History of Play Therapy: 9-10:15
Break: 10:15-10:30
Seminal Theory History and Overview
Part 1: 10:30-12

Day Two Schedule
Date: Check Course Dates (above)
Time: 9-12pm (MT)
Location: Zoom (Online)

Seminal Theory History and Overview
Part 2: 1-2:30
Break: 2:30-2:45
Seminal Theory History and Overview
Part 2 Continued: 2:45-4
Check Out/CE Certificate Instructions: 4:00

Fees: $150

Presented by:
Sarah Stroup, MA, LMFT, RPT-S
Maggi Leavitt, MA, LMFT, RPT-S

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